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Communication Breakdown


The most common reason people seek out leadership coaching is “I want to improve my communication.”

But, where do you turn to learn the high level communication skills you know you need but no one taught you? And let’s be honest, your company isn’t providing any help either.

The Communication Breakdown is the antidote to that issue. When your own communication has broken down, the GenZen methodology will give you the ability in the form of a specialized strategy and skillsets that you can use to be the effective leader you want to see yourself become.

What Is A Communication Breakdown?

A single session up to 2 hours to thoroughly examine the scope of your natural communication style and what you want to see improve.

By the end of the session you will have a very clear path forward with specific actions to take for your situation.

After the session you will receive a full breakdown of our session including communication frameworks, skills, strategies, and how to apply them. That way you can turn to this plan anytime to ensure you’re seeing the results you need, no matter the situation.

How Does It Work?

If this is right for you, simply click the button below to obtain your own Communication Breakdown Package.

Once you finish payment, you will receive a page to choose the best day and time for your session.

After scheduling your session you’ll be asked to provide some basic information on your current situation so that we are both fully prepared to do our best work together during the session.

24 hrs before our session, you will receive a simple reminder via email along with the link to use for our call.

After the session, you’ll receive a summary via email highlighting the biggest takeaways.

72 hours after the session you’ll receive your detailed Communication Breakdown Guide containing all the skills, frameworks, and strategies that you will use to vastly improve your communication abilities and the outcomes you need to see.

Cost – $750

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